Free test and tune day!! February 8th at the barn

We will be hosting a free test and tune on February the 8th from 2pm to 8pm ish. Everyone is welcomed. We usually order pizzas if everyone gets hungry, so bring your cash to chip in.

We always need rocks and obstacles so if you are interested in donating to the club, you can bring those items.

RC Addict gear and KRC stickers will be available for purchase for anyone who wants them.

Spread the word and hope to see you there.

6 Polk St, Franklin, PA 16323

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Results and Pix from Comp #4 20140126

It was freezing balls, but a ton of fun. The scores where so close this time. It was amazing.

rcornmesser's 20140126 Comp 4 album on Photobucket

2013/2014 Winter comp #4 – 20140126
Class 1

1st JR -116
2nd Jason -116
3rd Adam -110
4th Ryan -110
5th Shaine -109

Class 2
1st JR -95
2nd Adam -85
3rd Ryan -80
4th Don -80
5th David -71
6th Shaine -69
7th Jason -65
8th Keturah -63
9th Eli -41
10th Kiley -40
11th Gabe 28
12th Erik 150
13th Chris 150
14th Seth 150
15th Jeremy 150

Class 3
1st Don -120
2nd Adam -87
3rd Ryan -86
4th Jason -50
5th Mark 8
6th Erik 150
7th Frank 150
8th David 150

Comp attendees

Please fill out the scale points scoring ahead of time from this PDF. It would be super helpful and speed things up if you fill these out before you come and print them or bring them along.

I have Excel version that does the math for you and a pdf. Either can be printed and filled out and brought to the comp on Sunday. This will just speed up the hour of tech in.

Thank you!

!Scale Tech In Sheets v4.1.xlsx

!Scale Tech In Sheets v4.1