2014 KRC TTC Rules


Only one vehicle entry per contestant will be accepted to maintain fairness.

Pre-running or pre-walking courses during the week of Top Truck Challenge without the consent of the judges is not allowed. Doing so will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will result in immediate disqualification.

Parents are responsible for any children they bring and release formed must be signed for every person on the property or you will be asked to leave. No exceptions.

A schedule of events will be provided to competitors.

The decisions of the judges are final. However, protests will be accepted if they are presented in a calm and articulate manner. They must include all the relevant details and a proposed course of action. Protests should be given to Communications Judge Adam VanOrd as soon as possible.

It is essential that you follow all instructions given you by Top Truck Challenge judges.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The severity of the offense will determine the penalty, which will range from points assessments to disqualification from Top Truck Challenge.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages within the competition area or the property is prohibited. Use or possession of alcohol by any competitor or guest within the competition area or property at any time will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Here’s the bottom line: just practice good old-fashioned common sense, observe the Golden Rule, keep a cool head, be friendly to each other and remember: Above all else, TCC is just for fun.


You may use your spotter or any other Challenger as a spotter for any of the events, but you are limited to one spotter per event. Staff members and judges will not serve as spotters unless you exceed a time limit and need to be extracted.

You and/or your spotter must not step on the course during the run. Stay outside the boundary lines at all times. Only your vehicle maybe on the course.

To encourage good driving, each driver is eligible for our Driving Elegant award. This award is quickly defined as respect for the truck, environment, and others. It encompasses driving skill, spirit, sportsmanship, helping others where permitted and so forth (and your co-driver’s actions are included). Judges will be watching you both for the entire event.


There are not class separations. All classes run the same courses. At the minimum your vehicle must fit into Class 3 specifications as per the SORRCA rules (http://sorrca.com).

No vehicle modifications will be allowed during the event. You may not add weight, change tires, change gearing, change shocks or add or remove any scale items after your vehicle is teched it.

You will be allowed to swap a motor for the mud run or if yours fails. We understand motors are not cheap and don’t want to destroy an expensive one. If your motor fails during an event you will take a DNF and distance will be marked. Swapping of motor in between events will be allowed as long as the swap can be done in a timely fashion and you don’t miss your starting position.

You may swap batteries in your rig. If you are on course, time will continue to run while the battery is swapped.

If your vehicle breaks during a run and you can not complete the run, you DNF, distance and you may attempt t repair before the next event as long as the swap can be done in a timely fashion and you don’t miss your starting position.


All events will be scored on time and distance. Fastest time and furthest distance will win event.

Boundaries – Event courses will be outlined in ribbon. If you hit a boundary ribbon, a 30 second penalty will be added for each boundary hit. If any two tires of your vehicle cross a boundary ribbon you are disqualified and a DNF is given with a distance marked.

Gate markers – Some event courses will have gate marker that you will be required to drive between. Hitting or straddling a gate will add 30 seconds to your time.

Rollover – A vehicle may only be righted using the vehicles own winch. If your vehicle does not have a winch, the judge may use a tow strap to right the vehicle and a 30 second penalty will be added.

Winching – You may only winch off of natural terrain or provided winch points. No boots, hand of god, or holding the cable. Use of land anchor is recommended. Courtesy winch is a 30 second per use penalty.

Dig/Rear Steer – There will be a 30 second per course penalty for using dig or rear steer.


Top Truck Challenge will contain seven events (listed below, subject to change). All competitors will be invited to compete in each event unless they have been disqualified or their vehicle is inoperable. Following are the basics of each event. You will be given detailed instructions prior to each competition.

The Show and Shine is done by combining your scale points based off of SORRCA rules and being judged by your peers on Best Paint, Best Body, Best Cage Work, Best Interior, and Best Overall Build.

The Sled Pull is done by attaching a pull sled with weight to the back of your rig and seeing how far you can drag it. Farthest distance wins.

The Frame Twister is a mix of concrete, rocks, logs, and water. You’ll be given approximately 8 minutes to complete the course. If you exceed the time limit, we will pull you out. We will have the course marked with cones to make sure you drive through the good parts, instead of around them. If the inside of one of your vehicles tires goes past the outside of a cone you will be disqualified at that point. Time will be added to your overall course time for any safety violations.

The Obstacle Course is timed and is a test of driver skill, traction, stability, and maneuverability. The course is marked with cones, and penalties in the form of seconds will be added to your overall time. Driving accuracy has equal importance to all-out speed. You will not be allowed to see the course beforehand. Cones appear at various places on the course. Hitting a cone results in a time penalty. If three of your vehicles tires travel outside of a cone you will be disqualified at that point. You will be given approximately 8 minutes to complete the course.

The Hill Climb is a long vertical rise that is steep, loose, and littered with man-made holes. The event is scored for speed, with the fastest time winning. You will be allowed approximately 5 minutes to complete the course. During this time you can stop, winch, back-up, etc. Judges will only stop a competitor if they deviate from the course or if the situation appears unsafe. No crew or spectators are allowed on the course due to space constraints.

The Tank Trap is our extreme trail, a very difficult and narrow uphill canyon with a series of mud bogs. It is driven (or winched) uphill, and is likely to include loose dirt, steep slopes, narrow sluices, deep water, and perhaps a loose tree limb, as well as plenty of poison oak everywhere. Prerunning or pre-walking the Tank Trap is not allowed. Each challenger will have 10 minutes to complete this event. Pairs of cones appear at various places on the course. At least two of your vehicles tires must travel between the cones or you will be disqualified at that point. Competitors who have completed the course are invited to watch the event from approved viewing areas marked with yellow caution tape.

The Mud Pit is variable. It typically ranges from 3 inches to 12 inches deep in depth. The event is timed, with the fastest time winning. Competitors who do not complete the course are awarded points based on the overall distance traveled. Once your forward motion ceases, you will be signaled by a judge to stop, your distance will be measured from the start line, and we will extract you using a strap. There will be water adjacent to the mud pit for rinsing off the bottom of your truck once you’ve completed your run.

Each event will be run one vehicle at a time. We reserve the right to amend the maximum allowed times or the event configuration at our discretion.
The starting order for events will be chosen in advance. You will get just one try at each event unless a re-start is agreed to by all judges and all competitors.
Any vehicle may opt to skip any event, for any reason, but will accrue zero points for that event. Any truck that is late for its starting position at an event will forfeit all points for that event. EXCEPTION: If a truck cannot start an event on time due to mechanical difficulties, it may be permitted to go last if approved by all the other challengers. Otherwise, once the starting order for an event has been determined, challengers may not make any changes to it unless approved by all judges and competitors.


Each competitor will run the course and attempt to make it to the finish line in the allotted time. Each competitor will be ranked based on time and distance. Best time and furthest distance will get first place. Each place position is your points. Lowest points win. So best score over the 6 events be a 6.

Time will count down from course limit. So a higher time is better.
All penalties are -30 second from your finish time.
DNF equals a zero on your time.
So if you DNF and get 3 penalties your time would be set as -90 seconds.
Scores are ranked first by time and then by distance. If 4 people all have a zero time, then one with furthest distance is first and so one.
We are keeping this simple on purpose and making it easy for everyone to understand.

Show N Shine will take into account your scale points as per SORRCA rules. Scale points will be assed and then halved and rounded down. You will then be judged by your peers for Best Paint, Best Body, Best Cage Work, Best Interior, and Best Overall Build. Each vote will be -1. Again lowest score wins. Your Show N Shine score will then be added to your other 6 events for your total daily score. If at any time you remove any items that were on your vehicle during Show N Shine that do not break off or fall off as a result of the other events, you will be disqualified and 20 points will be added to your score.

Best possible score for the whole TTC will be a 7. Worst possible score is 350.

Summer series in the North!

There will be a summer points series held this year in Russell, PA. This is the same place where we hold our annual Top Truck Challenge.

2451 Route 957 Russell, PA 16345

Official dates for the summer series to be held in Russell PA.

Comp 1: 4/13/14
Comp 2: 5/18/14
Comp 3: 6/15/14
Comp 4: 7/20/15
Comp 5: 8/17/14

Mark these in you calendars people. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Prizes and awards.

So just a heads up, we will be handing out prizes at comp #6 so be aware and have some extra time that day. Also, please sign up by clicking the comp sign up button above. We need a head count so we know how to prepare. When you sign, you do not have to click the paypal button at the end, you can pay the day of the comp.

Look forward to seeing you all there, and thanks for a great season!